After creating my undervalued dividend growth screen and taking a look at the 52 Week high and lows I decided to go with T.Rowe Price as my monthly purchase.  At the time of purchase TROW has:

  • A P/E of 16.8 vs 21.8 Industry Average
  • An Operating Margin of 38.8% vs 21.7% Industry Average
  • A P/B of 3.6 (under my 4.0 threshold)
  • A Dividend Yield of 3.04% (with a 30 year track record of increasing the dividend)
  • A Payout Ratio of 51.1% (below my 60% threshold)

At the time of purchase the 52 week high is $79 (about 13% away) with a 52 week low of $63.57 (about 9% away).

I already owned 22 shares of TROW purchased at various times:

  • 15 Shares on 1/8/2016 with an average cost of $66.46
  • 6.888 Shares purchased on/around  5/3/2016 with an average cost of $75.3557
  • .112 Shares purchased on 3/30/2016 with an average cost of 472.324

The lots seem off, but that is what I have to work with since I came over from Fidelity.  In addition, I probably owned more in the past (even if they are just dividend reinvestment lots) but earlier this year I shed a lot of shares of different companies to pay down debt (and then info got further skewed when I moved from Fidelity to TD Ameritrade).

Today’s purchase was above my $500 lot as I had $18 from cleared Options Trades, so I rounded up from $518 to $559.36 as one share of T-Rowe would bring me below my monthly investment + cleared options gains.


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