My Purchases/Sells in June 2016

Earlier in June I purchased a lot of Target, and usually that would be enough for me, however, June 2016 was not a normal month.  With the announcement of Britain leaving the EU (Brexit) the markets went nuts for a few days:


Post Brexit

As you can see the market all but recovered over a few days.  I am not saying that we won’t see that level, again, but rather when there is a broad market sell off I feel even more comfortable buying.

Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful

– Warren Buffett

As such, on the Tuesday after Brexit I purchased 15 shares of CTBI, Community Trust Bancorp.

I didn’t have any sales, but given my new Put Selling Idea I am sure I’ll have at least one or two in my next update!

My Dividend Income in June 2016

I received $67.59 of dividends in June 2016.  I don’t see a point comparing it to last month since companies pay at different times of the year.  Notwithstanding, as this experiment goes on for years to come the year over year comparison will be huge.

My Updated Dividend Growth Portfolio

When changing from Fidelity to TDAmeritrade I was forced to liquidate all my fractional shares.  Not a big deal over the long term, just an annoyance built into changing brokers.

Company Ticker Shares Price Value Cost Basis Current Dividend Payout Current Expected Annual Income Yield on Cost
CATERPILLAR CAT 22 $74.00 $1,628.00 $75.04 $3.08 $67.76 4.10%
Community Trust Bankcorp CTBI 15 $33.79 $506.85 $34.07 $1.24 $18.60 3.64%
CULLEN FROST BANKERS CFR 10 $59.97 $599.70 $65.19 $2.16 $21.60 3.31%
CHEVRON CVX 10 $103.00 $1,030.00 $105.66 $4.28 $42.80 4.05%
EMERSON ELECTRIC CO EMR 26 $50.92 $1,323.92 $48.39 $1.90 $49.40 3.93%
SONOCO PRODS SON 22 $49.25 $1,083.50 $36.81 $1.48 $32.56 4.02%
TARGET CORP TGT 18 $69.62 $1,253.16 $70.97 $2.24 $40.32 3.16%
PRICE T ROWE GROUP INC TROW 22 $70.84 $1,558.48 $69.31 $2.16 $47.52 3.12%
UNITED TECHNOLOGIES UTX 20 $100.55 $2,011.00 $87.48 $2.64 $52.80 3.02%
165 $10,994.61 $373.36

The amount of shares recorded is up 21.661.  The reason I started tracking the shares is to make sure there is always an upward trend.  Every month should have at least one purchase plus all dividend reinvestment.  .

How was your month?

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