I usually only buy one $500 dividend growth lot a month because of capital constraints (i.e. married with 2 children), but when something as big as Brexit happens you have to be ready to buy! I wish I could buy even more, but I am just restarting this adventure and I am not currently interested in taking on too much debt (via margin).  So in addition to my earlier purchase of Target, I opened a new position in CTBI Community Trust Bancorp, Inc.

From Google Finance,

Community Trust Bancorp, Inc. (CTBI) is a bank holding company. The Company operates in the community banking services segment. The Company owns a commercial bank and a trust company, serving small and mid-sized communities in eastern, northeastern, central and south central Kentucky; southern West Virginia, and northeastern Tennessee. The commercial bank is Community Trust Bank, Inc., Pikeville, Kentucky (CTB) and the trust company is Community Trust and Investment Company. Through its subsidiaries, CTBI engages in a range of commercial and personal banking and trust and wealth management activities, which include accepting time and demand deposits; making secured and unsecured loans to corporations, individuals and others; providing cash management services to corporate and individual customers; issuing letters of credit; renting safe deposit boxes, and providing funds transfer services. Its lending activities include making commercial, construction, mortgage and personal loans.

I purchased 15 shares for $511.05 ($33.5397/share with $7.95 commission) and in between the actual purchase and writing this post the price dropped a bit more so the metrics below may be a few percentage points off (but nothing significant):

  • P/E of 12.6 vs 13.2 Industry Average
  • 36.4% Operating Margin vs Negative Industry Average
  • P/B is 1.2 – same as Industry
  • Yielding 3.66% (.31)
  • Payout Ratio of 45.7%

Look at these great charts:

CTBI - 5 Day Chart   CTBI - Long Chart

You may have to zoom in, but what i am seeing is a 5% drop in 5 days, and a long term dividend paying company that continues to grow.

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