asdI usually only buy one lot per month, but with the markets getting antsy I figured I could jump on one of those down days for a small pick up.   My first pick up this month, AFLAC, was on 9/9 but then the market decided to have some pretty volatile days:

When the market went back down from 9/12 to 9/13 I figured I should buy something, even if it was tiny as I have hundreds of free trades from TD Ameritrade that will expire.

Adding to my T.Rowe Price Position

As my undervalued dividend growth screen led me to the following stocks:

  • AFLAC Inc. AFL
  • Chesapeake Financial Shares CPKF
  • Community Trust Banc. CTBI
  • Eagle Financial Services EFSI
  • First Financial Corp. THFF
  • T. Rowe Price Group TROW
  • Target Corp. TGT
  • UGI Corp. UGI
  • Wal-Mart Stores Inc. WMT
  • Northeast Indiana Bancorp NIDB
  • McGrath Rentcorp MGRC

I already bought AFL and figured since I was buying a smaller position I just wanted to do an add on to what I already owned as opposed to opening a new position with with a few hundred dollars. Of that list I only own CTBI, TROW and TGT.  I decided to go with T.Rowe.  TROW had the following attributes at the time of purchase:

  • P/E of 16.2 vs 20.5 industry average
  • Operating Margin of 38.8% vs 20.8 industry average
  • 3.4 Price to Book vs 1.7 industry average (below 4)
  • 3.18% yield
  • 51.1% Payout ratio

I already owned 30 shares and added 5 more shares for a small purchase of $336 (again, I have a ton of free trades that will go to waste soon).

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