I haven’t figured out an efficient way to share my short put activity.  When I first started selling puts 6 weeks ago I would write a post upon each buy and sell.  I quickly found out that this was not going to work – I have already been in and out of 16 contracts (with 2 still outstanding) for an average hold time of 6 Days (and removing one 27 day hold the average plummets to about 4 days). If I continued at that pace, which I already failed to do so, it would turn into a full time job.  I think my best bet would be a weekly recap – discussing contracts that I have jumped into (and out of).

Since this seems to be morphing over time, I think the easiest thing to do right now would be to share all my activity since I started this adventure 6 weeks ago:

Short Puts

Since my last update I have sold 7 contracts; 5 of those were a buy and sell so that would be 10 different updates alone!

It is kind of interesting to take a 10,000 foot view of my activities.  You may have to zoom in to get the real details, but I think some things become very apparent:

  • I am willing to forgo premiums for safety
  • This seems to be an exercise of velocity of money
  • I am comfortable making 50% (even if that 50% only means a few dollars)
  • I may have to tweak the strategy a bit when I start paying for trades

What the spreadsheet doesn’t show is that at no time did I go over my self imposed ceiling.  I only want to leverage my account 70 to 85%, and as such, I need to get in and out of these trades.

We’ll see how going forward this works out, but I am excited to write my monthly income report later this week!




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